We recognize all children are entitled to a best start in life and support to achieve their potential. A child's experience has a vital impact on his/ her future life choices, so we do our best to provide them with a safe, happy and secure learning environment. Learning through play is fundamental to the philosophy of learning at prairie kindergarten.

We recognize that play is an essential element in all aspect of growth of young children, providing a situation where they control the events and construct knowledge, important conceptual, social and language skill are developed during this times.Through play they explore their environment, learn to deal with problems, and learn to work within a group.

In a typical day, children will play with manipulative, play outside in the playground; engage in creative arts/crafts activities, have free play and construction time, and sing or make music. in addition we begin to lay the groundwork for student's academic success.

students listen to stories, learn the alphabet, and tell stories that a written down for them. they also learn about the numbers and science through the use of hands-on activities. No matter what activity is occurring, throughout the day children are continually working on social skills, language development and self-discipline -all important factors for school success.

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